2021 Presidents Cup Rd 1 2021-07-31


2021 Presidents Cup Rd 1 for 2021-07-31

 2021 President’s Cup


July 24th – September 19th   

Sign-ups open through July 29th.


Blocks of times will be provided by the Pro Shop for the first two rounds, after that participants will be responsible to arrange their own tee times.

July 31st                     – First Round (64). (tee times starting at 8:00 am)

August 1st                  – Second Round (32). (tee times starting at 8:00 am)

August 15th                – Third Round completion deadline (16).

August 29th                – Fourth Round completion deadline (8).

September 12th          – Semifinal Round completion deadline (4).

September 19th          – Final Match/Consolation completion deadline.


64 Man match play event with handicap.

Tee times for matches will have the following rules:

You need to make yourself available to play at least one of the weekend dates within the time frame of each round. 

If neither player can make themselves available within time frame Golf Shop will decide the winner with a tie break procedure. 

You may schedule your match 1 week in advance by contacting the Golf Shop.  E mails will not be accepted as a form of tee time reservations.

Handicap will be your current as of round start date. Your handicap will be locked for the duration of entire Round (for Play-in and Round 1, they will be remain the same).


Combo Tees

To Sign up:

Sign up via foretees.


Final 4 from 2020 Presidents Cup, Top 40 players on the 2020 Money List, Top 20 on current money list (that arent already in). If players from the Money List choose not to play, substitutes will be placed based on “next eligible” on Money List.

P.O.Y Points:

FedEx Point Sheet’s Majors List column: 1st 1200 points, 2nd 660 points, 3rd 420 points, etc.

Food & Beverage:

No Food and Beverage provided for this event.


Score to be posted by club as tournament round.

One player from each group to record on Golf Genius


$75 – Does not include cart fees

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