Ladies Weekly Game 5.25.24 Saturday, May 25, 2024


Ladies Weekly Game 5.25.24 for Saturday, May 25, 2024

All Ladies Weekly Games will now do sign-ups through Golfgenius. 


An email will go out 7 days in advance to each scheduled round. If you would like to play on a Wednesday, open up the Wednesday email and select "Playing". If you would like to play on the Saturday round, wait for the Saturday email and select "Playing" from that round invitation. 


If you would not like to play, simply select "Not Playing", or disregard the email entirely.


You can make you pairing requests after you select "Playing" in the next screen by "Sending a message to the manager".


All pairings for each round will go out 2 days in advance by 3:00PM. 


The entry is $10 cash, with $5 going towards an overall score, and $5 going towards a stat game (1-putts, fewest putts, Greens in Regulation, etc.).


There is also a $1 optional game for "chip-ins". If you get a chip-in, then you win the pot!


This portal will allow you to see pairings, results, and POY points for the rest of the season.

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